Static UPS

Static UPS

We are one of the leading providers of Static UPS also known as Industrial Inverter.


  • Auto sense intelligent control smart charger.
  • High performance voltage and current regulation with DSP control.
  • High efficiency
  • Superior power quality
  • Surge load capacity upto 300%.
  • Quite operation of AC motors as well as the other Inductive load unlike modified sine wave.
  • Mains mode short circuit protections.
  • Very low third harmonic distortion <3%.
  • Wide input voltage range.
  • Fast changeover which makes it compatible to computer.
  • All necessary protections like short circuit, thermal, battery low/ high, mains MCB trip etc. with comprehensive display.
  • Mains MCB trip etc. with comprehensive display.


  • Capacity 2.5 KVA to 12KVA
  • It can work both as a inverter cum UPS through the operating switch mode that can be selected manually.
  • Fast changeover time ie, <10msec , this feature makes it computer compatible and does not let the computer reboot when mains supply fail.
  • Fully electronic changeover through static switch.
  • More reliable than inverters.
  • Other than normal housing loads it can also run computers without any hassle.
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