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Eaton UPS System

Eaton UPS System combines technical innovation with a rich feature set to provide best-in-class power protection with high energy density for data-centers, medical facilities and other critical systems. Premium level efficiency cuts utility costs and with double conversion topology there are no compromises in reliability. Scalable runtime and Hot Sync paralleling technology ensure this UPS system will fit your current and future power requirements.


  • Leading sustainability is achieved with innovative UPS design and its high efficiency rating that significantly lower the total cost of ownership. Small footprint and lightweight reduce costs of transportation and installation.
  • Strong power performance with active power factor control (PFC) provides unbeatable 0,99 input power factor and minimizes ITHD. This greatly reduces interference with other upstream equipment and enhances 9390 UPS compatibility with generators.
  • Highest availability and reliability is achieved with Powerware Hot Sync paralleling technology that enables 9390 UPS to be paralleled for both redundancy and capacity. Advanced paralleling options also ensure your UPS system can easily adapt to increasing power requirements.
  • Reliable backup with scalable runtime are enhanced with Advanced Battery Management (ABM™) and UPS battery self test options that extent battery lifetime and help detect any defects in batteries already in earlier stage.
  • Robust manageability is delivered with advanced control and connectivity options and with superior service offering.

Available Range: 40 KVA , 80 KVA , 120 KVA & 160 KVA UPS

3 Phase Uninterrupted Power Supply

3 Phase Uninterrupted Power Supply are an ideal solution to deliver reliable power protection to any mission critical application where continuous operation is a must. Voltage and frequency independent, transformer free, double conversion topology enables UPS to adapt to wide range of variance in input voltage without compromising quality of UPS output power. 3-phase DX cover 20-40kVA power sector and is the most competitive solution where affordable continuous power feed is mandatory.


  • On-line double conversion topology assures maximum reliability.
  • High Frequency technology allows a compact design that delivers perfect sine wave output.
  • Flexible runtimes with external battery solutions.
  • Tested for generator compatibility.
  • Automatic bypass for fault-tolerance.
  • Optional SNMP communications provides remote network-based monitoring.

Available Range: 20KVA, 30KVA , 40KVA , 60KVA UPS

Eaton Blade UPS

Eaton Blade UPS is a 3 phase UPS solution for Data Centers. It provides scalable, flexible backup power optimized for high-density blade servers and IT equipment. A single module of Blade UPS provides 12 kW of power in only 6 U of standard rack space, including batteries Blade Ups is a scalable solution that delivers from 12 to 60 kW of redundant power in a single rack enclosure. Blade Ups delivers an industry-leading 97% efficiency, resulting in cooler operating conditions and less heat dissipation.


  • Modular, Scalable and flexible back up power for today’s Data Center.
  • Industry –leading efficiency leads to cost savings in operation and cooling.
  • Designed and Optimized for high-powered Blade servers and high density computing environments.
  • Reduces energy costs and cooling needs through best-in-class efficiency performance.
  • Conserves valuable rack space with 12 kW of power in only 6 U of rack space, including the batteries – scalable up to 60 kW.
  • Delivers highest levels of reliability at the rack with patented Hot Sync paralleling technology and intelligent bypass design, field proven in thousands of large data centers globally.


Available Range: 8 KW to 60 KW UPS

Eaton Industrial UPS

Formerly known as Powerware 9315 Industrial, Data center UPS provides proven backup power and scalable battery runtime for large data centers, facilities and other critical applications. The 9315 UPS can be paralleled for both redundancy and capacity using Powerware Hot Sync technology.


  • Delivers increased usable power capacity via optional 0.9 output power factor on the Eaton 9315 400-500 and 625 k VA
  • Serial and X-slot Communication Card enabled.
  • Provides flexible runtime options for your application
  • Delivers maximum uptime for mission-critical systems by including Service Protection Plan free of charge for the first year following installation
  • Isolates connected equipment from all incoming power problems to provide the highest degree of protection with on line, double-conversion technology
  • Maintains and monitors battery health continuously with DC Expert; dynamically updates information on battery time remaining

Available Range: 200 KVA, 300 KVA, 400 KVA-650 KVA UPS
Additional Information:
  • Item Code: Eaton-9315

Eaton Online UPS

Approx Price: Rs 16,000 / pc 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pc
Eaton Online UPS, formally known as Powerware 9155 15 KVA UPS is equipped with an integrated, customizable power distribution module that includes a maintenance bypass switch. Innovative technology and design makes 9155 a truly sustainable solution by featuring high system efficiency and power density. With active power factor control (PFC), unbeatable 0,99 input power factor and reduced ITHD are achieved to ensure enhanced compatibility with any other upstream equipment.


  • Compact design with internal batteries, and build-in static and manual bypass switches, delivers a complete solution with reduced footprint and industry-leading power density.
  • Delivering more real power with optimal 0,9 output power factor reduces need to oversize. With active power factor control (PFC), unbeatable 0,99 input power factor and reduced ITHD are achieved to ensure enhanced compatibility with any other upstream equipment.
  • Reliable backup is further enhanced with Advanced Battery Management (ABM™) that by using an innovative three-stage battery charging system significantly extents battery lifetime.
  • Highest availability and reliability is achieved with Hot Sync paralleling technology that enables paralleling up to four 9155 UPS for additional capacity or redundancy.
  • User-friendly LCD interface with wide range of connectivity options, makes 9155 easy to use and safe to operate.
  • Innovative technology and design makes 9155 a truly sustainable solution by featuring high system efficiency and power density.

1kva Line Interactive UPS

Capacity1 KVA  & 2kVA 5EL UPS - Features


  • Line-Interactive conversion topology & robust design assures maximum reliability
  • Double Boost & Buck AVR provides wide input voltage and frequency ranges (up to 140-300V & >40Hz) for wider suitability
  • India outlets for easy equipment connection
  • DC Start function for starting up the system without AC power
  • Generator input support to extend back up time beyond battery capacity
  • Auto restart for peace of mind

Server UPS

Approx Price: Rs 90,000 / Piece 
  • 5PX UPS - Features


  • Energy consumption metering down to the outlet group level
  • Intuitive LCD screen displays all the information you need in one glance
  • 5PX can provide up to 99% efficiency, reducing cooling and utility costs
  • Delivered with Eaton’s Intelligent Power Software compatible with all major OS including virtu-alization software
  • 0.9 power factor to protect more servers from one UPS
  • Protects you with a two-year warranty on electronics and batteries
  • Avialbale from 5kVA t0 11kVA 
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